cropped-chibi-portrait.pngAbout me: My name is Ashley Adams and I am a graduate of the Digital Media and Animation program at SUNY Alfred State of Technology.  I served on the executive board of Alfred State Drama Club as the Public Relations chair. I currently design graphics for the cosplay idol groups Celestial Idols NY and Mirai Dreamers, as well as design freelance on commission.

I gained an interest in animation around the age of 11 when I discovered anime. I would spend many days teaching myself how to animate using only MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Eventually I moved on to using Flash and Photoshop to create animations and before I knew it I was attending college for my passion of animation.

I am primarily focused on animation and concept art, but I also have experience in motion graphics, 3D modeling, and video production. My passion is for bringing characters to life in fantastical stories that bring a viewers imagination to life.

Software Expertise: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition), Autodesk (Maya and Mudbox), Microsoft Office Suite, Unity, Final Cut Pro, basic HTML and CSS

Awards and Exhibitions

SUNY Wide Film Festival ׀ November 2017                                           Buffalo, NY

Senior Showcase Supreme ׀ May 2017                                                     Alfred, NY

Senioritis ׀ April 2017                                                                                 Alfred, NY

  • Dragon Fight
  • Short-Short Animated Film
  • Hinkle Memorial Gallery

Rod Serling Film Festival ׀ May 2013                                            Binghamton, NY

  • Best In Show
  • Nigel and Myra
  • Short Animated Film
  • Art Mission and Theater in Binghamton

Contact: ashleyadams2255@yahoo.com



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